The Complete Checklist for Buying a Solar Power System

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The decision to purchase a solar power system quickly turns into an intimidating labyrinth of complex considerations for most home or business owners.

There are a myriad of factors to keep in mind and ignoring any one of them can result in short or long term loss. Often, subtle aspects of my home or neighborhood can end up causing trouble, while in other cases, glaring issues are overlooked or given the workaround which only leads to an unsatisfactory experience.

At bidmysolar™, we can help you navigate through these complexities and get you a quality solar outcome that works for you saving you hours that you will need to spend on research. Get in touch with us today and experience the difference.

However, if you would rather do this research yourself, we’ve put together a checklist with a list of questions to ask yourself, and your chosen solar installer.

Is My House Solar Compatible

  • Can my roof accommodate solar panels?
  • What is my roof’s angle and what direction is it facing? (For more on this, refer to our article on how roof orientation affects solar panels.)
  • Are there trees or buildings around that cast a shadow on my roof?
  • How much sunlight falls on my roof average?
  • Is my area prone to storms/hurricanes/bushfires?
  • Does my house/commercial space have a one, two or three phase electrical system?

Calculating Energy Requirements

  • How many KWh of electricity does my house/commercial space use every day? You can use this calculator to get the figure.
  • What is my average monthly electricity bill?
  • How much does the price of electricity hike year on year where I live?
  • What time of day does my home/commercial space use the most electricity?
  • Is there any wasteful energy usage that I can cut out? If yes, then how much can I save up on bills by optimizing my energy usage?

Selecting a Solar Installer

  • Does the installer have a web presence? Do they have a website, social media presence?
  • Is the installer CEC accredited? Use this page for a list of CEC accredited installers throughout Australia.
  • How many years has the installer been in business?
  • Does the installer have good online reviews?
  • Has anyone you know or someone in my neighborhood used the installer’s services? If yes, then how was their experience?
  • Do they offer details of solar panels, inverters and batteries on their website? Are the products from reputed manufacturers?
  • Do they offer solar system monitoring services?
  • Do they offer a detailed solar quote? A good solar quote has:
    • Solar panel options, segregated by manufacturer, model and rated wattage.
    • Number of solar panels required.
    • Type of inverter.
    • How much electricity the solar panel will produce.
    • Total cost both before and after incentives.
    • Total expected annual savings.
    • Terms and conditions of warranty of each component.
  • Will the installer take care of the legal requirements and paperwork required to have my solar power system design passed by regulatory authorities?

Rebates & Solar Tariffs

  • Does my state offer special solar rebates?
  • What Feed-in-Tariffs are available in my area?

Finding the Right Solar Panels

  • Are the solar panels CEC approved? Here’s a list of modules approved by the CEC.
  • How many modules will be required based on my roof area, and power requirements?
  • Which solar panels does my chosen installer(s) offer?
  • How long is the guarantee on the solar panel? Industry standard is 12-25 years.
  • How efficient are the solar panels? Typical rated efficiency is usually around 19%-23%.
  • How many certifications have the solar module passed?
  • What is the price per watt of the solar panel?
  • Is the manufacturer rated as Tier-one?
  • How long has the manufacturer been in business?
  • Are the solar panels used in commercial and/or industrial applications?
  • What do the online reviews say about the panels?

Questions to Ask About the Inverter

  • Is the inverter CEC approved? Here’s a list of approved inverters from the CEC.
  • Is the inverter offered with input specifications that match the output of my solar power system? Here’s an article on how to find the right inverter size.
  • Is the inverter string, hybrid or micro?
  • Can the inverter accommodate batteries? This isn’t required, but maybe optional if you intend to add battery backup.
  • How long has the manufacturer been in business?
  • What do the reviews say about my chosen models?
  • How many phases can the inverter accommodate?

Let Us Help You Out


Indeed the advantages of going solar are many, but there are issues that need to be navigated expertly. With bidmysolar™ on your side, you can rest assured all your questions will be answered. We specialize in helping first time solar buyers make sound, realistic decisions that help them generate clean energy for as long as possible.

Get in touch with us or call us at 1300 004 600 if you have any questions.