Frequently Asked Questions

Why do solar quotes and prices vary significantly?

It is true that you can get significant price variances for the same system. Unfortunately, the cost of the system doesn’t always reflect quality.

Infact, bidmysolar™ conducted a pricing review of 130 solar sales and installation companies and found that the price for a 6.6kW system could vary anywhere between $3,890 to $12,850. You can read more about the study here. The reasons for such price differences are varied and depends on the solar company, quality of equipment installed, warranties and guarantees on offer, monitoring systems etc.

Save Time & Money with bidmysolar™ where leading solar energy companies bid to win your solar project. When solar companies compete, you win.

Will I be able to look at multiple brands and get quotes for each on the bidmysolarTM platform?

Yes. The bidmysolar™ platform is specifically designed to ensure that you can obtain multiple quotes across comparable brands, ensuring you have a greater choice and the best prices available.

How long should the systems last?

A quality system with enforceable Australian warranties should reflect the following:

1. Panel performance guarantees – 20-30 years
2. Inverters 10 years
3. Workmanship warranties (minimum) – 5 years
4. Racking and railing (minimum) – 10 years
5. System support – Lifetime

When I install solar, are my savings guaranteed?

Until bidmysolar™ entered the market, installers would not guarantee your savings. Some companies do offer a performance warranty but it’s not really a bill savings guarantee.

At bidmysolar™ we stand behind the installers we have as approved vendors, the quality of work and our team’s system designs. We are so confident in delivering you correct estimates that we offer our own Australian-first Electricity Bill Savings Guarantee. Read more here.

How is your power savings guarantee different from the performance guarantee offered by other companies?

The key difference is that we offer enforceable guarantees. Several installers in Australia offer something called a performance warranty, which means that if your system output is lower than predicted, they will come back and fix it. Virtually all Australian solar installers and solar sales companies, use off-the-shelf ‘Nearmap’ software or Google Maps to identify your property and then add solar panels to it. That is as far as it goes in solar design. Furthermore, you are shown hand drawn diagrams and financial outcomes to demonstrate solar results. This is a terribly flawed process and more often than not the projections turn out to be wrong.

Moreover, most installers don’t install adequate analytics tools to help you monitor your system performance levels. So at the end of the year, when you get a power bill shock, there is limited recourse available.

In contrast, every bidmysolar™ client has their system meticulously designed using our state-of-the-art design software, considering heat irradiance, shading, and orientation amongst other considerations. This allows us to provide highly accurate financial forecasts and offer Australia’s first power bill savings guarantee. Moreover, every client using the bidmysolar™ Platform is provided with an option to include true independent 3rd Party Monitoring, which allows you and our team, 24/7 real-time data access regarding the health and performance of you installed system.

How do I know if a solar company is reliable?

Simple, use the bidmysolar™ platform. There exists no other platform in Australia which conducts the same level of ongoing due diligence. bidmysolar™ has the largest private data base of Clean Energy Council of Australia Accredited Retailers and Installers. From this we have identified over 250 of the best providers to compete for your solar project. All these providers have been very carefully vetted and selected.

Moreover, every installation completed through bidmysolar™ platform is checked and verified by independent Electrical Engineers. If they find a fault, we will manage the entire rectification process for you.

Can I shop around and then come and use bidmysolarTM to ensure I have the best deal?

Yes. We believe competition is healthy, and we are very confident of our value proposition.

Why are all solar companies not there on the bidmysolarTM platform?

Two good reasons:

1. bidmysolar™ supports only CEC accredited retailers & installers. But not all these retailers/installers meet our due diligence requirements, OR
2. These installers/retailers are not prepared to provide the information required to meet our due diligence requirements.

We only work with the Best of the Best.

Does bidmysolarTM provide any warranties or guarantees?

Yes. Our Trust Programme™ is a 5-point commitment to delivering outstanding customer service and enhanced consumer protection. Systems installed via the bidmysolar™ platform carry greater consumer benefit then dealing directly with a solar sales company or a retailer. You can read more about the programme here.

We develop state-of-the-art system designs at no cost to you (worth nearly $600) which allow us to provide accurate financial forecasts and offer Australia’s first power bill savings guarantee.

Every installation through a bidmysolar™ installer is independently reviewed by an Electrical Engineer at no cost to you. Peace of mind guaranteed!

If you sell your property, we can prepare a full system report and financial forecast for your real estate agent to assist with the sale.

How do I know if the installation has been completed correctly?

Every installation through a bidmysolar™ installer is reviewed by an independent Electrical Engineer at no cost to you. And anything requiring rectification is managed by your dedicated solar consultant to completion.

How is bidmysolarTM paid?

It will cost you nothing to use the bidmysolar™ platform. bidmysolar™ is paid a flat fee for each system purchased through the platform. This fee is paid to us by the solar company, and is the same fee for every provider, completely independent and unbiased.

Does bidmysolarTM fee add to the cost of my system?

No. All solar companies employ sales teams and the cost of acquisition of business is already factored into their gross margins. In fact, bidmysolar™ clients save $3,100 on average on their solar project. When solar companies compete, you win!

How many bids can I get?

A project on our platform typically receives anywhere between 3-20 qualified bids from our network of vetted solar retailers and installers. Your dedicated consultant will review these bids and help you make a selection best suited to your needs.

Can you assist with arranging funding for my solar installation?

Yes. When your dedicated consultant engages with you, they can advise on finance options and include this in your bid document.

Are you paid commission for placement of finance?

No, we do not accept third party referral commissions.

Can I arrange my own finance?

Yes, our goal is to locate the most appropriate quality system and deliver these savings to you. Often using your own resources, you can secure more competitive finance.

How long will the bid process take?

Once your bid document is prepared (usually 45 minutes), it is posted on our bidding platform. Generally, the bidding process is open for 24 hours since job posting.

Do I need to accept the bid immediately?

No. bidmysolar™ recognises that you need time to consider. Once you have the bids, your dedicated consultant will walk you through the various nuances of the most competitive bids. All bids remain active for 48hrs from receipt of the last bid. All prices remain fixed during that time.