7 Good Reasons To Choose bidmysolar™

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Going solar has never been this easy!

Save Time, Money and the Hassle

Australia’s most trusted Solar Search Engine™, bidmysolar™, makes searching for, and engaging a reliable solar company EASY, PERSONALISED and REWARDING!


From the comfort of your own home, and without the need of having several salespeople sell you their deal, you can independently and with complete confidentiality have over 250 accredited solar companies fully vetted by bidmysolar™, compete for your solar project.


When solar companies compete, you win. bidmysolar™ customers save $3,100 and 16 hours on average on their solar project.

We Only Work With the Best of the Best

bidmysolar™ has the largest private data base in Australia of Clean Energy Council (CEC) of Australia Accredited Retailers & Installers. From this we have identified over 250 of the best providers to compete for your solar project.


All these providers have been very carefully vetted and selected. There exists no other platform in Australia which conducts the same level of ongoing due diligence.

Australia’s First Power Bill Savings Guarantee

If your system does not deliver as specified and you do not achieve the savings in power bill as we predicted, we will refund the shortfall.


If you have opted for Solar Analytics as part of your solar system, we guarantee that solar systems purchased and installed through our platform will generate 90% of the kilowatt-hours that was agreed upon at the time of design and preparation of your bid document. 90% accounts for all seasons and is not a short-term snapshot, considering weather variance factors caused by changes in sunlight, soiling, and temperature variations.


At the end of the 12-month anniversary of the fully operational system, if the cumulative kWh generated by the system is less than the guaranteed production, then we will pay you an amount equal to the difference in kWh, multiplied by a predetermined electricity rate.

State-Of-The-Art System Designs

Virtually all Australian solar installers and solar sales companies, use off-the-shelf ‘Nearmap’ software or Google Maps to identify your property and then add solar panels to it. That is as far as it goes in solar design. Furthermore, you will be shown hand drawn diagrams and financial outcomes to demonstrate solar results. It is a terribly flawed sales process as the savings forecasts and financial outcomes are NOT embedded in the sales documentation.


You are about to invest anywhere from around $5,000.00 to over $20,000.00 for a solar system, so you owe it to yourself to ensure that the design and specifications are spot on! Designing with accuracy ensure great outcomes with solar. Every bidmysolar™ client has a system meticulously designed by our team of Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited designers, using our state-of-the-art design software, considering heat irradiance, shading, and orientation amongst other considerations. Each design has a market value of $580.00 and is FREE for each client. Once all bids are in, a final analysis is undertaken producing key financial data to ensure your decision to go solar makes perfect financial sense.

Bespoke Bid Documentation

In addition to the system design, we will also prepare your bespoke bid documentation. Your bid documentation allows the solar sales or installation company to bid based on known facts about your power usage, location for sunlight hours, home size, electricity bill, system size, panel options, inverter options, batteries and you avoid all the sales hype. Let facts be your guide.


You can then choose from multiple bids across multiple system options and save time and money.

Rest Assured With Free & Independent Post-Installation Review

Another Australian first – Every installation completed through bidmysolar™, will be reviewed by an independent Electrical Engineer for Free (worth $250) to check the quality and compliance of the installation, providing significant peace of mind to our client. If any issues are identified during this review, then we will manage the entire rectification process for you so you can rest assured that your installation is of the highest standard.

Enhanced Warranties for Complete Peace of Mind

Enjoyed enhanced warranties and protection for the lifetime of your system. Quality systems installed through bidmysolar™ carry market-leading manufacturer warranties and every installer on the platform provides atleast a 5 years’ workmanship warranty.

Take the First Step in Your Solar Journey

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