Peace of Mind, Guaranteed!

bidmysolar™ Trust Programme™

Our Trust Programme™ is a 5-point commitment to delivering outstanding customer service and enhanced consumer protection.

Australia’s First Electricity Bill Savings Guarantee

At bidmysolar™ we stand behind the installers we have as approved vendors, the quality of work and our team’s system designs. We are so confident in delivering you correct estimates that we offer our own Electricity Bill Savings Guarantee.


If you have opted for Solar Analytics as part of your solar system, we guarantee that solar systems purchased and installed through our platform will generate 90% of the kilowatt-hours that was agreed upon at the time of design and preparation of your bid document. 90% accounts for all seasons and is not a short-term snapshot, taking into account weather variance factors caused by changes in sunlight, soiling, and temperature variations.


At the end of the 12-month anniversary of the fully operational system, if the cumulative kWh generated by the system is less than the guaranteed production, then we will pay you an amount equal to the difference in kWh, multiplied by a predetermined electricity rate.

Installer Workmanship Warranty

All our approved solar installers carry a comprehensive Workmanship Warranty. For at least 5 years after system installation, they undertake to bear the full cost of diagnosing, repairing, or replacing any component of the solar system that fails or malfunctions. This also includes any roof leaks caused from the installation of the system.


Our approved installers are professional and apply a craftsman’s touch to your installation.

Solar System Manufacturers Warranty

All solar modules purchased via our platform include a comprehensive power production warranty from the manufacturers.


For at least 12 years after installation of inverters and panels the manufacturer guarantees your system components to be free from material defects under normal usage conditions. Manufacturer’s warranty also includes minimum power production ratings for each panel and a number for 30 years. If any system component fails to meet warranted conditions, the manufacturer will replace, or repair, defective equipment at no cost to you.

Monitoring Your New System

Every client using the bidmysolar™ Platform is provided with an option to include true independent 3rd Party Monitoring (no further payments). Providing true peace of mind and an ability to monitor the health and performance of your system.

Post Installation Review by Independent Electrical Engineers

Another Australian first – Every installation completed through bidmysolar™, will be reviewed by an independent Electrical Engineer for Free (worth $250) to check the quality and compliance of the installation, providing significant peace of mind to our client. If any issues are identified during this review, then we will manage the entire rectification process for you so you can rest assured that your installation is of the highest standard.

Going Solar Has Never Been This Easy 

It will cost you nothing to use the bidmysolar™ platform. We are paid a flat fee for each system purchased through the platform. This fee is paid to us by the solar company, and is the same fee for every provider, completely independent and unbiased.


Approved and Accredited Solar Providers on
Australia’s Most Trusted Solar Search Engine™


Approved and Accredited Solar Providers on Australia’s Most Trusted Solar Search Engine™