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Our Mission

To assist Australians in adopting sustainable power technologies, save money through transparency and to provide real choice.

“Investing in a solar solution should not be hit and miss. But unfortunately, the Australian solar market is full of misinformation, empty promises, and questionable providers. For far too long, finding and engaging with a reliable solar company in Australia has been confusing and complicated. Comparing costs, financing methods, equipment types, and installer options can be overwhelming. The “Get 3 Free Quotes” providers, apart from selling off your personal details, offer little in the way of ongoing support or enhanced guarantees. What’s worse is having to deal with constant sales calls and multiple salesmen coming into your home to give their pitch. It’s a hopelessly inefficient market and as fellow homeowners we wanted to change that.

We wanted to find a simple, safe and easy way, a homeowner could obtain quality solar for the best price – an ability to obtain and compare multiple prices, financing methods, equipment type, and installer options in one smart location. With this mission in mind, we operate bidmysolar™ as an independent, unbiased team of advisors who are all about disrupting the Australian Solar Industry for the better.

You can now avoid all the sales hype, make facts the central point and obtain better prices in the process. We strive to be your trusted solar advisor.

– Bernie & Hersh

– Bernie & Hersh

bidmysolar™ Puts You in Control

Buying through the bidmysolar™ provides you with access to Australia’s first power saving guarantee, long-term warranties, greater savings and many more benefits throughout the life of your solar system.


The team at bidmysolar™ have over fifty years combined business experience in financial services, funds management, IT and engineering. We combine our expertise across all those domains to help you make the best decision specific to your needs, and your needs alone.

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