Solar System Monitoring? Highly recommended!

By September 19, 2020January 7th, 2021No Comments

This very smart piece of solar hardware is always recommended (in fact we advise clients install this as standard) and this is independent 3rd party solar monitoring for the life of a solar system.

The correct system (again not to be confused with programming the inverter) will provide you and your installation company with key data, power usage and REAL ALERTS regarding the status of your system.

Monitoring provides for:

  • Power being exported to the grid;
  • Your grid imports;
  • Peak usage data;
  • Your household energy consumption;
  • Solar production;
  • Battery performance details; and
  • More.

When investing in solar you need to know that your system is performing and performing as advised it will. Imagine getting to the end of a quarter and Oops you have a power bill and it’s a big bill. A 3rd party monitoring system avoids this problem by providing you and your reliable installer with timely alerts including any reduction in panel and inverter performance.

Do it right the first time and avoid common mistakes and problems.