It Comes With a Battery

By October 9, 2020January 7th, 2021No Comments

Everyone is having a wonderful time, the weather is great, drinks are cold and the food sensational, and then someone asks you about your new solar system.

Well, you’re giving a run down on the system and benefits and how the panels are the new JINKO N series with 30 year warranties and you have this really flash Hybrid inverter and WOW a battery array, and you then chuckle, when you’re all in blackout we can keep things running, all happy nothing impacts you. Oh, says a friend, so you have BACKUP.

Back up you say, yeah back up they say.

Err um, well, well err I am not sure. So, you grab your paperwork and low and behold no backup and a system which will never deliver on your expectations. Oh no! This may come as an eye watering shock, but not every hybrid or battery solution provides for backup.

Simply put, if you have invested in an expensive, very good hybrid inverter, panels, batteries and the grid is on the blink, a complete blackout, well you’re in the same position as everyone in the street.

It is very important that when deciding on battery options, you deal with someone who is asking you a lot of questions, because if they do not ask you about backup, and (we are not talking about a generator backup) your reasoning for wanting batteries and your needs going forward than you’ll be seriously disappointed. Your new super flash system will only store during the day for night use.

You can avoid disappointment by dealing with professionals taking time to design a system which will deliver what you understand it is to deliver. Never ever buy over the phone, sight unseen or without a physical site visit, if you do, well it could be a very disappointing BBQ.

Your dedicated vendor agnostic bidmysolar™ consultant will ask a lot of questions and make recommendations ensuring that what you invest in serves your needs now and well into the future.

bidmysolar™  delivers better solar outcomes.