How Smart is Your Solar System

By September 12, 2020January 7th, 2021No Comments

Many solar investors in Australia have absolutely no idea if their rooftop solar is doing what it should be doing in terms of savings.

For most, they have been told that the app you can load to your phone linked to an inverter tells you in real time, the health and performance of the system. BING BONG, no it does not! See, the link in the solar inverter, and so overly promoted by solar sales companies, provides rudimentary data, you can upgrade for a cost but in the end the data is limited. Furthermore, it is up to you, the owner to identify if a solar problem exists. For many solar owners, the first time they know that their solar is performing badly is when they see their bill, Ooops problem!

You then call the installer or the solar sales company and they casually get around to fixing the problem (best case) or simply ignore you.  What is the chance they will pay you for your loss? Absolutely no chance whatsoever because there is no contractual right to do so. Here we see the absolute importance of binding and enforceable agreements. However, for the price of enjoying a great cup of coffee each week in your favourite coffee house, you can turn your solar system into a super smart and highly efficient system.

When you install a new solar system, the savings identified can be guaranteed. That is correct “GUARANTEED“.

The reason installers and sales companies do not provide the guarantee what your power bill will be with solar is because it places significant onus on the installation expertise and there remain many, many variables. Furthermore, the system needs to be correctly monitored for “immediate” rectification. Therefore, they would rather not take on the responsibility.

To make your existing system smart does not mean you need to pull it down. It is as simple as a review of the system, tune up service if required, and the installation of third-party Solar Analytics, and at bidmysolar™, we love technology.

The IQ of your solar system can be upped, and performance improved at the price of a good coffee. Reliable solar companies utilise Solar Analytics and bidmysolar™ encourages reliable solar companies.