Always Go Bigger But Make Sure it is Quality!

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A common question about solar is what size you should have? The answer depends on your electricity bill, your future usage and roof size amongst other matters.

Get in touch with a bidmysolar™ consultant  today to find out what the correct size is for your needs.

Here is a simple guide as to size and what you may expect in quarterly savings.

Power Bill System Size QTR Savings
$1500 and above

Important. These are to be used as a guide only and assumes average quality sunlight hours 4.2 hrs, Feed-in-Tariff 11 cents & 50% day time usage.

At bidmysolar™, we believe solar should deliver real savings and and those savings should be based on correctly calculated parameters and not exaggerated estimates of what your electricity bill will be after you install solar. Beware of false promises! If anyone in the solar space is suggesting you will obtain zero-dollar bills or significant credits, then have them explain how they arrived at the savings forecast.

Ensure that everything is committed to in writing and the numbers quoted (savings) are reflected in the sales agreement. Remember this proverb – forewarned is forearmed!

It is too easy to be caught up in the sales hype, so always take the conservative view and this way you will always be happy with your solar investment.

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